Our Story and Purpose

Drawing from over 35 years of experience, the raison d'être of the Perlimpinpin brand is to assist parents in fully embracing the present moment with their children and, in turn, creating unforgettable shared memories.

While the arrival of a newborn brings immense joy, it can also be destabilizing at times and encompass an element of the unknown for parents.

At Perlimpinpin, we believe in the importance of self-trust. We are convinced that every parent should have faith in their parenting abilities. They are the best equipped to understand their child's needs and already possess everything necessary to be outstanding parents without striving for perfection. Therefore, our team is committed to creating and developing unique and secure products, ensuring your peace of mind during their use.


Our team

Through all its products, the Perlimpinpin brand aims to share its vision of a rich and fulfilling family life. It invites parents and children to live the present moment intensely and to creatively and ingeniously mark all the wonderful moments in various ways.

The products that define our vision 

Our products