We're now a Certified B Corporation

Having recently achieved our B Corp certification, we've joined a community of businesses that are transforming the global economy to benefit people and the planet. Perlimpinpin isn't just a brand; it's a vision for a fulfilling family life, fully embracing the present moment and inherent self-trust of every parents.

Make business a force for good

B Corp advocates believes that a different kind of economy is not only possible, but necessary — and that businesses can lead the way. The B Corp movement is here to change our economic system — and to do so we have to change the rules of the game, and our team is thrilled to now be a part of the movement.

It's also about continuous improvement. As a B Corp, we will go through an assessment and verification process every 3 years, to demonstrate that we’re improving our processes and meeting more and more of B Lab’s standards every time.

By choosing Perlimpinpin, you're choosing to support a brand who is working towards an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy that works for everyone.

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The 5 Pillars of Impact

Through this certification, a business is scored on 5 fundamental pillars that each support a global vision of creating a positive impact for people and the planet.


How Perlimpinpin contributes to its team member's financial security, health & safety, wellness, career development, and engagement & satisfaction. What we do (to name a few) :

  • 4-day workweek and personalized work schedules
  • Fidelity Bonus
  • Birthday is a paid day off


How Perlimpinpin is dedicated to improve its overall environmental management practices as well as its impact on climate, waste and biodiversity. What we do (to name a few) :

  • More product categories made from recycled water bottles
  • Supply chain chemical safety management
  • Low impact and low waste packaging


Perlimpinpin's commitment to have an impact on the communities in which we operate, hire from, and source from. What we do (to name a few) :

  • Women-owned and led company
  • Volunteering during working hours
  • Partnerships with foundation from our community

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Perlimpinpin's dedication to taking care of you, our customers, through the high quality products and services, ethical marketing, data privacy and security, and feedback attention. What we do (to name a few) :

  • Feedback and complaints channel
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customer Satisfaction monitoring


Perlimpinpin's overall mission, and commitment around its social & environmental impact, ethics, and transparency. What we do (to name a few) :

  • Code of Ethics
  • Protected mission to perpetuate the B Corp vision over time beyong potential changes of ownership