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Baby clothes: Top tips for newborn clothes and layettes

November 07 2023
Baby clothes: Top tips for newborn clothes and layettes

Parents who are expecting their first child (or their tenth!) may experience sensory overload. There are a ton of factors to think about and a lot of emotions to deal with.

Baby clothes can often be relegated to either accepting hand-me-downs, gifts or simply “I’ll buy it when I need it.” However, in the throes of adjusting to a new routine and a whole new person in the family, it is important not to forget about newborn clothes you’ll need. You can determine the best baby products your little one will require by planning ahead and avoiding the stress and inconvenience of rushing out to buy items you don't have on hand.

Let’s dive into the realm of baby clothes and layettes!

The layette: Your newborn’s go-to baby clothes

What is a layette? A layette is a coordinated collection of baby clothes for newborns, such as pajamas, hats, bodysuits, and more. Some consider layettes to include burp cloths, blankets, mittens, headbands and even toiletries, like shampoo and lotions.

Of course, there is no shortage of baby clothes out there on the market. However, many newborn parenting experts agree that putting together layette bundles can go a long way to easing the transition of becoming parents as well as shopping for a baby shower or homecoming gift.

Must-haves for your baby’s layette

We've created a helpful list that includes every piece of newborn apparel and accessory your layette needs. Note that the goal is to ensure you spend less time doing laundry and more time with your baby:

  • 4-6 swaddling/receiving blankets for different seasons throughout the year. Click here for our recommended swaddling/receiving blankets for babies.
  • 7 zippered or snap-on pajamas per age group; these pjs keep babies nice and cozy during cold weather and colder climates, without the need for a baby blanket. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for baby onesies, bodysuits, footie sleepers, footless pjs, or two-piece baby sleep sets.
  • Newborn sleep sacks: Also known as wearable blankets, these baby sleep slacks are better alternatives to baby blankets, which can cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) before 18 months. They can also work wonders if you don’t want to swaddle in the middle of the night.
  • 3 sleep sacks per season: As your baby grows, sleep sacks will remain musts for both naps and bedtime. Sleep sacks for babies are designed based on the thermal index of textile (TOG) rating. Make sure you read up on TOG ratings for baby sleep sacks to find the right ones for each season.

Other layette accessories for babies

While baby pajamas and sleepers are essential pieces for your child's layette, don't forget that other accessories are just as crucial. Think baby hats, baby mittens, and other products that can be life savers for your baby during their day-to-day and ourtings.

  • Newborn nappies, which are also called newborn nightgowns, facilitate quick diaper changes. If your infant often wakes up in the middle of the night or needs frequent changing, make sure you stock up on these.
  • Breathable bonnets for babies for each age group are very important as infants’ heads lose heat much faster than adults—up to one-third of their body heat in chilly environments. Make sure you have a few on hand for cooler periods of the year and don’t put any on your baby when they sleep alone.
  • Baby mittens, which are protective mittens for infants, are not just for wintertime. Mittens for newborns are helpful to prevent babies from scratching themselves with sharp fingernails. Because your baby’s hands can be sensitive to temperature changes, they can quickly become cold, even if they are in the comfort of your home. Shop a bunch of mittens in neural colours as well as comfy mittens with a pop of colour.

Extra items to ease your mind: baby layettes

Layettes for babies don’t have to exclude accessories that don’t have to be worn or used  for extended periods of time. Crib sheets, changing pad covers, stroller blankets, bibs, burping cloths, washcloths, hooded towels, socks and booties, and even nursing scarves are all additional essentials to a baby's layette.

All of the items in your baby’s layette collection should be machine-washable, breathable, and made with materials, such as 100% cotton, to stave off skin irritation, such as eczema and rashes. 

Moreover, while many of today’s parents are budget- and environment-conscious, don’t underestimate how layette items you will need for any given day. Babies grow quickly; what may have fit two weeks ago no longer does. Caring for a newborn also takes a lot of time, which means laundry sessions may fall by the wayside, despite your most valiant efforts. 

Even if you scour the internet for new baby checklists or additional information on layette products, focus on your child’s safety and how you want to raise  your newborn. As much as you want your baby’s layette to be fashionable, you may decide that a back-to-basics-approach is easier on the budget—and your sanity. 

Our recommendation is to check out social media platforms, such as Pinterest or Instagram, for inspiration, but don’t fall into the trap of trying to live up to an influencer’s “fab layette life” or over-the-top product suggestions you simply cannot afford. 

Building your baby’s layette does take some research. Your best bet? Reach out to friends and family with a curated baby registry. This will ease pressure on both yourself and loved ones who are all eager to meet your bundle of joy!