How to choose your Sleep bag

How to choose baby's sleep bag with Perlimpinpin TOG chart!

TOG is a unit of measurements which evaluates the thermal resistance of a product. It's a worldwide standard and every Perlimpinpin sleep bag has been tested. 

What to consider:

Each baby is unique. It is essential to think about his/her sleeping habits. How does baby usually wake up? Sweaty? With cold hands? 

What is the highest temperature of the nursery through the night? Some families will lower the temperature to 19 degrees while others keep it at 22 degrees. 

The TOG rating of each sleep sack is tested in lab. Unfortunately, is doesn't take consideration of the "feel" and "coziness" of all of our different fabrics. That's why each TOG is treated separately. 

tog chart

Baby isn't born yet?

Quilted bamboo (1 layer) is the fabric to remember! Thanks to its green properties, baby will be cozy no matter the time of year!


 What to wear under baby's sleep bag?

 The following image might help easily choose the best underwear in which your baby will feel most comfortable. The most important thing is to make sure that baby is never too hot. Remember, this is a guide only, it is possible that you will have to adjust according to the unique body heat of your baby.


What to wear under a sleep bag


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