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Goose Collab - Nighlight by Veille sur toi

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Glass is the ideal material

  • Never becomes hot to a child's touch.
  • Lets light shine through beautifully.
  • Won't ever melt.


Safe: Glass is a safe material and much more robust than one would think. It's an ideal material for designing nightlights because unlike porcelain, glass does not become hot to the touch for little ones. Additionally, glass does not risk melting, unlike plastic nightlights. Finally, glass is an ecological and durable material. The nightlight will still be beautiful and retain its colors and details even in 50 years! Nightlights are very practical for reassuring children who are afraid of the dark, for lighting up the parent who needs to get up at night to feed, change a diaper, or give medication. It can be placed in the hallway, bathroom, and even the kitchen!