Baby car seat cover Winter - violet

Baby car seat cover Winter - violet

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Our baby car seat cover will make life way easier for little getaways! It is a total Winter must-have!

  • Elastic band for hood-like adjustment
  • Adjustable to all strap heights
  • Fits most car seat for babies
  • Polar fleece hat included!
  • Upper part completely removable
  • Back part completely removable for better strap adjustment


  1. Remove back piece of the car seat cover
  2. Place the seat cover on the car seat 
  3. Put the bottom elastic under the seat
  4. Open the side zippers and fold the top part 
  5. Put baby in the seat and fasten the security device
  6. Close the zippers

*The back piece should not be used when the seat is used in the car. 

Machine wash in cold water, hang to dry. Do not bleach, iron or dry cleaning.

100% nylon, lining 100% polyester.


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